︎︎   On Modernity and its Reception.
          OASE 108/109 presentation 

   14.01.2022 - 15:00-17:00, online event

PhD Seminar a cura di laboratorio A402 e OASE Journal for Architecture

As OASE 108 dealt with the shifting appreciation and understanding of projects – especially Modern built architecture – by the audience, professionals or citizens, and questions the role of criticism and multifaceted histories, arguments and motives surrounding certain episodes of architecture, and offering different keys to re-read such examples from a contemporary perspective, so OASE 109 deepens the idea of the modernity as an "approach" to practice, to be seen from the standpoints of architects and relating more to a way of looking, researching and practicing rather than the stylistic label that informed the general taste of the public during the XX century. So, what is modern and how does it fit into the 'contemporary'?

Michelangelo Russo (Head of the Department, DiARC, Unina)
Fabio Mangone (Head of the PhD School, DiARC, Unina) Christophe Van Gerrewey, Véronique Patteeuw,
Justin Agyin (OASE)
Adrian Forty (The Bartlett School of Architecture)
Alberto Calderoni, Luigiemanuele Amabile,
Marianna Ascolese, Vanna Cestarello (laboratorio A402, Unina)
Dirk Somers (Bovenbouw)
David Escudero (ETSAM)
Hamish Lonergan (ETHZ)


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pw: OASE
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