︎︎    Journal Biographies

   15.02.2021 - PhD Seminar

A cura di Alberto Calderoni, Alberto Geuna (PoliMi),
Niccolò Suraci (PoliTo)

Journal Biographies gathers a series of biographic contributions on architectural publishing. By reflecting on the role of the architect as editor, Journal Biographies investigates the mechanics of disseminating architectural knowledge, generating disciplinary debates, and translating architectural culture to the written (and printed) format.
The seminar will be introduced by Michelangelo Russo, Fabio Mangone and Silvia Gron. Invited guests: Cynthia Davidson, Salomon Frausto, Thomas Weaver, Véronique Patteeuw, Joan Ockman and Pierre-Alain Croset.


link: bit.ly/3omWrTF
pw: JB2021
guests: mail to traceresearchproject@gmail.com