︎︎   Carlos Ferrater.

  Geometric Taxonomy
  06.04.2022 - 10:00-13:00, online event

From the search for an internal structure in the geometries of the work of Carlos Ferrater and OAB, it has been possible to analyze geometry’s role in the creation and development of their designs. The result demonstrates a common syntax as well as geometry’s ability to evolve toward new forms of architectural expression.

Michelangelo Russo (Head of the Deparment of Architecture, Unina)
Fabio Mangone (Head of the PhD School, DiARC, Unina)

Alberto Calderoni (Unina)

Ferruccio Izzo (Unina)
Luigiemanuele Amabile (unina)


link: https://bit.ly/3ibWxwR
pw: ferrater
info: mail to laboratorioA402@gmail.com